Vietnam is one of the most famous destinations for honeymooners due to its natural wonders, old-world charm, brilliant hues, delectable cuisines, and inspiring scenery. Even if the full list is lengthy, we’ve selected some of the top Vietnam honeymoon spots that you might wish to include to your itinerary. Vietnam Travel by Segv offers a wide variety of locations for your romantic getaway. The most stunning of these are the valleys. Vietnam’s valleys are filled with colourful flowers, meadows, and rice fields that are ideal for a honeymoon.


Vietnam is a country with a wide range of colours. There is scarcely anything that one wouldn’t discover while travelling in Vietnam, including lush mountains and deep valleys, rivers and deltas, dazzling seas and white sand coastlines, shining sand dunes, old monuments, and lovely national parks. And these are ideal for an excursion of the top honeymoon destinations in Vietnam which we will delve on in this article.

Places to visit in vietnam for honeymoon

  1. Da Lat, located in the southern highlands of Vietnam, is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. The area is well-known for being a romantic getaway with French-style architecture and stunning natural landscape; it has even been dubbed “The Little Paris.”

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh metropolis are also suitable options if you wish to stay in a large metropolis. Couples can enjoy the scenery from the lakes in Hanoi, see the pagodas, and go shopping in the historic Old Quarter night market, which is close to the downtown food scene. A street cuisine tour and opera are two of the residents’ favorite things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

Halong Bay, beautiful palm-fringed, white-sand beaches. In a similar vein, water enthusiasts should visit. Rent a boat that will take you to explore the crystal-clear waters between the cliffs of limestone and see why this World Heritage Site by UNESCO is so popular. Several of Vietnam’s beaches provide exquisite ocean views, which are made even more stunning by distant mountains. There are many different types of water sports, including sailing, kayaking, and snorkelling.

Activities to do on Honeymoon in Vietnam 

  1. Explore the Environment

Vietnam is home to many thriving cities and popular tourist destinations, but if you have the chance to explore the national parks while on your honeymoon, you should not overlook Vietnam’s stunning natural beauty. Don’t assume that you must spend all of your journey visiting difficult routes, though it is certainly an option. There are a ton of other things you may do to explore. You may also rent a boat for the day to let someone else do the laborious work, as well as bicycle and kayak your way around many of the parks. To get you started, take a look at Cuc Phuong, Phong Nha-Ke Bang, and Nui Chua national parks.

Buy things at a floating market

Southwest Vietnam is covered in floating markets. Along the waterways, vendors advertise their goods from oblong boats. From Ho Chi Minh City, it is simple to make a day trip to one of the neighbouring marketplaces to do some shopping. In order to properly understand and experience this distinctive aspect of Vietnamese culture, you may also arrange a tour that involves spending the day aboard one of the boats.

Discover Vietnam

Vietnam has a fantastic culinary scene, particularly when it originates to the readily available and reasonably priced street cuisine, have fun exploring street food tours (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are also great options) or go exploring on your own. Whatever you decide, make sure to sample the savoury soup cho, the traditional Vietnamese sandwich banh mi, and the savoury crepe-like meal banh xeo.

Best Vietnamese Cuisines

When it comes to food, you might have never seen or eaten anything like authentic street food in Vietnam. A genuinely unique gastronomic experience is provided by the harmony of sweet, sour, salty, and hot in Vietnamese food. Despite being mysterious and unusual, Vietnamese cuisine is extremely delicious.

  1. Pho Noodle Soup

If you’re not having Pho for breakfast like a local would, are you really in Vietnam? This traditional Vietnamese dish is made up of fresh rice noodles, a salty broth, a scattering of herbs, and either beef (b; the most popular option), chicken (gà), or vegetarian (ăn chay).

No matter what city you are in Vietnam, you can enjoy a steaming bowl of pho throughout the country.

Vietnamese bread roll: Bánh M

One of the Vietnamese best delicacies we frequently consumed was banh mi. These straightforward baguettes were introduced to Vietnam by the French people during the colonial era, and the Vietnamese have made them the country’s best street snack. Even though banh mi sandwiches are straightforward, they are the most delicious 50 cent snack you can find in Vietnam.

Fried noodles, MXào

M Xào is another example of how well the Vietnamese cook basic fare in Vietnam. Wherever you go in Vietnam, you can pretty much always find M Xào, just like Ph!

These delectable Vietnamese cuisines are simply instant noodles that have been put into a pan along with a little oil, onion, morning glory, and typically either beef (M Xào B) or chicken (M Xào Ga). Simply add some tomatoes to add color, and another delectable Vietnamese dish is ready. M Xào, which costs only 50,000 VND, is not an exception to Vietnam’s ridiculously low cost of street cuisine.

Rolled Cake, Banh Cuon

Our first meal on the streets of Vietnam was bánh cun, and it was loved by every individual who has tried it. Vietnamese people in Vietnam are very creative when it comes to their creations of unique meals. Steamed rice sheets filled with shrimp, mushrooms, and minced pork are used to make banh cuon.


Vietnam is a fantastic country that you should absolutely visit. It is home to several fantastic honeymoon sites as well as scrumptious Vietnamese cuisine. Follow our comprehensive guide to Vietnam for the finest places to visit and things to do while on your honeymoon. Check out our comprehensive Vietnam travel guide, which includes information and suggestions for honeymooners and couples.



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